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Thank you for being part of our MSCI community (referred to here as the “Site”). To ensure the best possible experience for all members, we have established some basic guidelines for participation. We have highlighted some key provisions below. You agree that you have read and will comply with the below, as well as the full terms that govern MSCI’s website, which are available here, and are fully incorporated herein. Collectively, we refer to these documents as the “Terms.” Note that the Terms contain a binding arbitration provision that you should review carefully before using the Site.

Personal Information

Please read our Privacy Policy for more information about our information collection, use and sharing practices.

Community Rules and Posting Policy

All users must agree to the following rules when posting any materials or engaging in any dialogue on the MSCI community Site: 

  • Do not post any content that is disrespectful to other community members or is unlawful, harmful, tortious, defamatory, libelous, obscene, invasive of the privacy of another person, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful, racist, infringing, pornographic, violent, violates the intellectual property of any third party, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate as determined by MSCI;
  • Do not post any content that contains personal information about any individual, violates the privacy/publicity of any other individual or entity, or anything that you are under a contractual obligation to keep private or confidential;
  • Do not impersonate any person or organization, including without limitation, the personnel of MSCI, or misrepresent an affiliation with another person or organization;
  • Do not upload or post any data that contains viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may adversely affect the operation of the Site, or feature of the Site;
  • Do not post any content that contains any advertisements, marketing materials, product or company reviews, company-sponsored research, or commercial solicitations of any kind;
  • Do not post any content that may encourage or facilitate members to arrive at any agreement that either expressly or impliedly leads to price fixing, a boycott of another's business, or other conduct intended to illegally restrict free trade; and
  • Do ensure that your posts are entered into the most appropriate community to help ensure all messages receive the best response by eliminating “noise.”

Discussion Group Etiquette

Please use the following etiquette when participating in online discussions:

  • State concisely and clearly the topic of your comments in the subject line. This allows members to respond more appropriately to your posting and makes it easier for members to search the archives by subject.
  • Send messages such as "thanks for the information" or "me, too" to individuals, not to the entire list. Do this by using the "Reply to Sender" link in every message.
  • Do not send administrative messages, such as “remove me from the list,” to the group. Instead, use the web interface to change your settings or to remove yourself from a list. If you are changing email addresses, you do not need to remove yourself from the list and rejoin under your new email address. Simply change your settings.

MSCI Content

Content on this Site that is provided by MSCI or its licensors (“MSCI Content”) is the property of MSCI and its licensors, and is protected in the U.S., Canada, and internationally under trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property laws.

You agree not to download, display or use any MSCI Content located on the Site for any commercial purpose, in connection with products or services that are not those of MSCI, in any other manner that is likely to cause confusion among consumers, that disparages or discredits MSCI and/or its licensors, that dilutes the strength of MSCI’s or its licensor’s property, or that otherwise infringes MSCI’s or its licensors’ intellectual property rights. You further agree to in no other way misuse any MSCI Content or third-party content that appears on this Site.

Third-Party Websites

This Site, and users posts on the Site, may hyperlink to sites not maintained by or related to MSCI. Hyperlinks are not sponsored by or affiliated with this Site or MSCI, and MSCI makes no representations or warranties about any third-party sites.

Legal Notice

You understand and agree that MSCI may cancel your account and delete any data associated with your account at any time, and without notice, if MSCI deems that you have violated these Terms, the law, or for any other reason.  MSCI assumes no liability for any information removed from our Site, and reserves the right to permanently restrict access to the Site or a user account.

By posting any materials on or through the Site, you grant to MSCI a royalty free license to use and distribute such any such data without the requirement to seek any third-party permission. You understand that the Site is publicly viewable and that it is your responsibility to avoid posting any data that you do not want to be viewed or reused by members of the Site community. You represent and warrant that you own the content submitted by you on the Site and otherwise have the right to grant the license set forth herein, and the posting of any content you submit, and our use thereof, does not and will not violate the rights of any person or entity.

MSCI does not actively monitor the Site for inappropriate postings and does not on its own undertake editorial control of postings. However, in the event that any inappropriate posting is brought to the attention of MSCI, we will take all appropriate action.

MSCI does not endorse, verify, evaluate or guarantee any information provided by users and nothing shall be considered as an endorsement, verification or guarantee of any posted content. You shall not create or distribute information, including but not limited to advertisements, press releases or other marketing materials, or include links to any sites which contain or suggest an endorsement by MSCI without the prior review and written approval of MSCI.

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